What Vaccines Do You Need?

A quick guide to vaccines recommended to protect against respiratory diseases

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Everyone age 6 months and older


Everyone age 6 months and older 


Adults age 60 years and older, pregnant women, and infants

Pneumococcal Disease

Children younger than age 2 years, adults age 65 years and older, and people with certain medical conditions 

Why Get Vaccinated?

Like eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting regular check-ups, vaccines play a vital role in keeping you healthy. Learn more about vaccines and the diseases that vaccines help prevent.


Vaccine Science & Safety

All vaccines used in the US must go through extensive safety testing before they are licensed, and safety monitoring continues as long as vaccines are used

Immunization Resources

Real stories, graphics, videos, and other tools related
to vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases

Contagious Chronicles: Updated Recommendations for Respiratory Season
Contagious Chronicles

Contagious Chronicles: Updated Recommendations for Respiratory Season

In this episode, NFID experts discuss updated recommendations to help protect against COVID-19, influenza (flu), respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and pneumococcal disease …

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DYK Hepatitis Can Be Prevented?

Hepatitis B: Social Media Graphics

Hepatitis B shareable graphics and sample social media posts

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Arm Yourself Against RSV

RSV Social Media Graphics

Share these graphics to help raise awareness about RSV prevention and treatment across the lifespan

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Featured News

News and commentary about vaccine-preventable diseases
and vaccine policies and programs.