Resources on Adolescent Immunization

Adolescent Immunization

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP): AAPs website will help parents understand the diseases vaccines for adolescents prevent, when vaccines are due, and get answers to common concerns about preteen vaccines

Adolescent Vaccination: Protecting Adolescents Now and Into the Future (2011)

Call to Action on practical strategies for improving adolescent vaccination rates

Call to Action: Addressing New and Ongoing Adolescent Vaccination Challenges

Call to Action by leading public health organizations addressing long-term health impacts of under-immunized adolescents and the important role healthcare professionals play in increasing vaccination rates

What Vaccines Do Adolescents Need?

Take this simple quiz to determine which vaccines you need and create a customized printout to bring to your next medical appointment.

NFID Report: Addressing the Challenges of Serogroup B Meningococcal Disease Outbreaks on Campus

Report reviewing recent outbreaks of serogroup B invasive meningococcal disease on US college campuses

Meningococcal Vaccination: Improving Rates in Adolescents

Call to Action discusses disparities, identifies barriers, and outlines strategies to increase meningococcal vaccination rates among all adolescents (June 2010)

Recommended Adolescent Vaccines at a Glance
Which Vaccines Do Teens Need?

Knowing which vaccines are recommended (and getting your teens vaccinated) is one of the easiest things you can do to protect their health