Dr. Charles Mérieux Award for Achievement in Vaccinology and Immunology

merieuxThe Dr. Charles Mérieux Award for Achievement in Vaccinology and Immunology honors individuals whose outstanding lifetime contributions in the fight against vaccine-preventable diseases have led to significant improvement in public health. The award is named for Dr. Charles Mérieux, the distinguished French virologist (1907-2001), who used in-vitro cultivation to produce millions of doses of vaccines to fight human and veterinary viruses including polio, rabies, meningitis, diphtheria, tetanus, and foot-and-mouth disease. During World War II, he expanded operations at the microbiological laboratory set up by his father, a protégé of Louis Pasteur, distributing blood plasma to members of the Resistance and a serum to help malnourished children. In 1947, Mérieux founded the French Institute of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (later renamed the Mérieux Institute). The Mérieux Institute later formed a joint venture with the Pasteur Institute. Mérieux also established foundations to train public health technicians, an epidemiological teaching center, and a laboratory in Lyon to study hemorrhagic fever.

First offered in 2005, the award is presented at the NFID Annual Conference on Vaccinology Research.


2021    Barney S. Graham, MD, PhD
2020     Pierce Gardner, MD
2019     Alan R. Hinman, MD, MPH
2018     John F. Modlin, MD
2017     Samuel L. Katz, MD
2016     Kathryn M. Edwards, MD
2015     D.A. Henderson, MD, MPH
2014     Stanley A. Plotkin, MD
2013     Robert G. Webster, PhD
2012     Arnold S. Monto, MD
2011     Robert B. Couch, MD
2010     Theodore C. Eickhoff, MD
2009     Paul A. Offit, MD
2008     Roger I. Glass, MD
2007     Walter A. Orenstein, MD
2006     Gregory A. Poland, MD
2005     Kristin L. Nichol, MD, MPH


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