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Flu & Chronic Health Conditions Toolkit

Influenza (flu) is a contagious and potentially deadly virus that can result in serious complications for individuals living with chronic health conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes, even when chronic conditions are well-controlled. Estimates indicate that 31 percent of US adults age 50-64 years and 47 percent of those age 65 and older have at least one chronic health condition that puts them at high risk for flu-related complications, including hospitalization, catastrophic disability, and even death.

There is an urgent need to raise awareness of the burden of flu in adults with chronic health conditions. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) play a key role in communicating the known benefits of annual flu vaccination in mitigating the risks of flu and reducing severe flu-related outcomes in patients with chronic health conditions. Additionally, HCPs must be prepared to recognize and address barriers to vaccination, including lack of consumer confidence in vaccine efficacy and misperceptions about the impact of flu, and should insist upon annual flu vaccination—particularly for patients with known chronic health conditions and for those who may have an undiagnosed chronic health condition or are likely to spread flu to others.

View the list of supporting organizations that have signed on to support the goals of increasing awareness of the dangers of influenza infection among adults with chronic health conditions and the benefits of annual vaccination, to ultimately improve public health and patient outcomes.

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NFID has developed the following free downloadable resources for HCPs and patients, in collaboration with our partner organizations:

Public Service Announcements

Animated videos highlighting the importance of flu prevention in those with chronic health conditions


Fact Sheets for Specific Chronic Health Conditions

Additional Resources

Flu “Funnies” (Videos)

These humorous videos show some of the extreme measures parents might take to protect their children from seasonal influenza, and how easy a simple vaccination is in comparison