NFID 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book

Purchase the NFID 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book celebrating 50 years of education, prevention, and impact.

A tribute to the trailblazing efforts of NFID founders, leaders, and public health heroes who have shaped a legacy of impact. Delve into a captivating timeline chronicling the history and notable accomplishments of NFID across the decades. Revel in the wisdom of impactful NFID leaders through insightful quotes, and witness the journey unfold through a collection of photos capturing pivotal moments throughout the 50-year history of NFID. As we celebrate the past, the NFID 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book also invites contemplation on the future, encapsulating the vision and aspirations that will continue to drive the NFID commitment to achieve a vision of healthier lives for all through the effective prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

Copies will be shipped to US addresses only.