2021 NFID Flu Vaccine Clinic

Through the Leading By Example initiative, NFID calls on organizations/companies to lead by example by making a commitment to disease prevention. By getting vaccinated, we can all help prevent the spread of diseases including influenza (flu), COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and pneumococcal disease.

Join the growing list of partners to participate in the following activities:

  • Support and promote the NFID Commitment to Influenza Prevention
  • Share photos and/or videos on social media of key organization leader(s) getting vaccinated, tagged with #LeadingByExample and the relevant hashtag(s): #FightFlu, #PreventPneumo, #PreventRSV, #StopTheSpread. Be sure to tag @NFIDvaccines to be featured on the NFID website/social media.
  • Encourage followers to #GetVaccinated by sharing Leading By Example sample social media posts on Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, and other social media channels
  • Include a #FightFlu paddle in your flu vaccination photos
  • Show your commitment to annual flu prevention by helping the #TravelingFluBug spread awareness, not disease

Download NFID #FightFlu Paddles

#FightFlu Paddles

Guidance for High Quality Photos and Videos

  • Ask a family member, colleague, or friend to photograph or film you getting vaccinated
  • If there is natural light available, try to take the photo or video as close to it as possible
  • Do not include others in your photo/film unless you have their permission
  • Look at the camera as you are getting vaccinated
  • Please wear a mask as recommended
  • Prior to filming, ensure there are no brands or logos displayed in the area around you

Ensure that the person filming you does the following:

  • Films in landscape mode (phone rotated horizontally) (Note: This step is not recommended for Instagram posts)
  • Holds phone as steady as possible
  • Makes sure the frame is lined up with you in the center, so that it is clear that you are getting vaccinated

Leading By Example Sample Social Media Posts

Be sure to include vaccination photos with these posts:

  • [INSERT NAME] is leading by example & encouraging others to protect themselves and those around them! #GetVaccinated to help #StopTheSpread of preventable diseases
  • [INSERT ORGANIZATION] joins @NFIDvaccines to help spread the word: Every year, #GetVaccinated to help #FightFlu!
  • [INSERT ORGANIZATION] encourages everyone age 6 months & older to #GetVaccinated annually to help #FightFlu!
  • Preventing disease this fall & winter with @NFIDvaccines. Don’t hesitate…#vaccinate and help #FightFlu, #PreventPneumo, and #PreventRSV