August 29, 2019

Flu story featuring Kendra

Kendra was a healthy 36-year-old daughter, wife, and mother of two small children when she lost her life to the flu. After three days of not feeling well, she visited the local urgent care where they diagnosed her with Type A influenza. The next day, her condition worsened and she was having difficulty breathing and experiencing chest pain. She was rushed to the emergency room at a local hospital and placed in intensive care. Four days later, a blood infection, or sepsis, invaded her body. Due to Kendra’s worsening condition, she was lifeflighted to another hospital and placed on an ECMO machine, which served as her heart and lungs for the next two weeks.

The sepsis had caused other problems too, which resulted in three surgeries on her stomach and intestines. Following the final surgery, Kendra’s family was told the heartbreaking news that irreparable damage had occurred. Kendra passed away the next day with her loving family by her side.

Kendra’s story illustrates just how serious the flu can be. Thousands of people, including healthy adults and children, lose their lives to the flu each year in the United States. The best preventative measure we can take is to get an annual flu vaccine each and every year to protect not only ourselves, but also those around us.

Joan Mann
Mother of Kendra
Leawood, KS

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