July 30, 2020


The Essential Nurse Home Visitor

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the world has finally recognized the importance of nurses. Companies were giving freebies, thanking nurses for their service, and allowing nurses to go first in line at stores. I didn’t use any of these things. I did not feel essential. One day, when I was leaving Walmart, the cashier thanked me for my service, and I told her that I appreciate her service and for being on the real frontline. I was just a Nurse Home Visitor working from home.

The following week, I had a visit with one of my clients who has twins. She is very overwhelmed with these girls, and our visit just consisted of me using FaceTime and talking to the girls, and letting my client express her feelings. At the end of the call, she told me how much she appreciates me and thanked me for being her supporter and listening to her issues. It was only then that I realized that I am essential.

But I am essential in a very different way. Every time a client calls or texts me without my initiating it, it makes me feel essential. When they ask me for information and I can provide it to them based on my years of knowledge and experience, it makes me feel essential. So, I have finally learned that I don’t actually have to lay my healing hands on someone to be essential. I just am.

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