January 31, 2023

HPV Vaccination is for Everyone

FACT: In addition to cervical cancer, HPV can cause penile, anal, mouth, and throat cancers

FACT: HPV infection is very common, with an estimated 14 million new cases in the US annually

FACT: HPV can affect both men and women

FACT: HPV is spread by intimate skin-to-skin contact and while most cases are sexually transmitted, people who haven’t had intercourse can become infected

FACT: HPV vaccine can help protect against throat cancer, which is more common in men

FACT: HPV is spread through genital or skin-to-skin contact and the virus can be spread even when no symptoms are present

FACT: HPV vaccines do not treat HPV infection and there is currently no cure for HPV infection

FACT: Individuals infected with HPV should still get vaccinated because the vaccine may protect against additional HPV strains

FACT: Early protection works best and HPV vaccination is recommended for children before they ever have contact with the virus

FACT: Vaccinated women should continue to get regularly scheduled Pap screenings because the vaccine does not protect against all types of HPV

FACT: HPV vaccine does not lead to an increase in sexual activity


Updated January 2024

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention