October 8, 2020

COVID-19 story featuring Andrew

My story starts off like so many others. In March of 2020 when my family and I found out about COVID-19, we made plans and put them into action to keep this disease out of our household. No one was alowed at our house—kids could not have friends over and did not go to friends’ houses.

Fast forward to September when I let my guard down and had a friend over to my house who also brought another friend. Later, we came to find out that his friend’s work was shut down due to 3 cases of COVID-19, and he was asymptomatic and thought that he could not spread it. (WRONG)

Three days after the visit, my wife and I both started to feel sick. The illness lasted about five days or so. My wife had a headache and lost her sense of smell and taste. For me, it felt like flu with an overwhelming sense of being disoriented.

Fortunately, we both recovered and the key takeaway from this is we should not let our guard down—we need to practice social distancing, wash hands, and avoid bringing people that you do not know into your house!

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