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Maria’s Story (COVID-19)

Maria was a healthy, active 41-year-old who contracted COVID-19 before vaccines were available, and is now a severe COVID-19/ECMO survivor and a vaccine advocate

Brent’s Story (Flu)

Brent was a vibrant and healthy 29-year-old chef with a bright future ahead of him when he became ill and eventually died from flu

Crystal’s Story (RSV)

A new mom wants parents to learn about RSV and how to prevent it, without the heartbreaking hospital stay that her family endured

Virginia’s Story (COVID-19)

A certified nursing assistant describes her experience with COVID-19 and contending with vaccine hesitancy from her co-workers (in Spanish with English captions)

Meaghan’s Story (Flu)

High school student with Hodgkin lymphoma relies on community immunity for protection against vaccine-preventable diseases, including flu