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Top Five Reasons for Adults to Get Vaccinated Against Pneumococcal Disease

Pneumococcal disease is serious and deadly. In the US, pneumococcal pneumonia, meningitis, and bloodstream infections (sepsis) kill tens of thousands each year, including 18,000 adults age 65 years and older. Getting vaccinated can help you avoid serious health dangers.
About one million US adults get pneumococcal pneumonia each year. This type of pneumonia is particularly severe, killing 5-7% of those who contract it. The death rate is even higher in older adults.
Pneumococcal meningitis kills about one in three people who get it. People who survive pneumococcal meningitis can suffer from devastating health problems like hearing loss, seizures, blindness, and paralysis.
Up to one in five adults with pneumococcal bloodstream infection will die. For those who survive, recovery is not easy. Treatment requires hospitalization, and patients often need weeks or months before returning to normal activities.
Getting pneumococcal vaccines as recommended reduces your chance of contracting and dying from pneumococcal disease. Two types of pneumococcal vaccine are recommended in the US. Your healthcare professional can tell you if you should be vaccinated and whether you need one or both vaccines.

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