September 30, 2023

The Double Helix Cover

Fall 2023 issue of quarterly NFID eNewsletter covering:

  • NFID National Survey: Attitudes about Respiratory Diseases
  • 2023 Annual News Conference
  • Online Clinical Vaccinology Course
  • 50th Anniversary Gala Recap
  • NFID Resources (Videos, Webinars, Podcasts, Blogs)
  • More …

Message From Headquarters

For the first time ever, vaccines and preventive monoclonal antibodies are available to help protect against 3 major respiratory viruses: influenza (flu), COVID-19, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Despite that good news, data from a new National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) survey of US adults found that fewer than 1 in 4 US adults are concerned about getting infected with these viruses, and 43% do not plan to, or are unsure if they will get vaccinated against flu. Only 40% plan to get an updated COVID-19 vaccine, and only 40% of adults age 60 years and older plan to get vaccinated against RSV …