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Meningococcal Disease

Debunking 5 Common Health Myths

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated the importance of public health, the prevalence of medical misinformation online is making it harder than ever for young people to tell the difference between fact and fiction when it comes to protecting their own health. To help equip them with reliable information, NFID and launched a new campaign, Complete What’s Missing, which aims to educate young people about meningococcal disease and the importance of prevention through vaccination. Special thanks to DeNora Getachew, chief executive officer of, for the guest blog post on the importance of being fully informed about ways to spot medical misinformation …

Public Service Announcements

A series of public service announcements about the burden, causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases across the lifespan

5 Things You May Not Know About Meningitis

Each year, World Meningitis Day highlights the importance of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and improving support for those dealing with the potentially devastating after-effects of this deadly disease.