As a liaison organization, NFID provides relevant expertise to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to inform the work of ACIP in providing immunization recommendations to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The NFID Medical Director serves as NFID ACIP Liaison, and the NFID Executive Director and CEO serves as Alternate. From time to time, NFID provides additional expert advice through participation in ACIP Work Groups to review relevant data and develop recommendation options for presentation to ACIP. The purpose of this policy is to allow NFID to provide relevant expertise beyond that of the current Board of Directors.


In addition to meeting all ACIP requirements, NFID representatives to ACIP and ACIP Work Groups must meet the following criteria:

  • Subject matter expertise in the relevant topic; and
  • Current or former service on the NFID Board of Directors or
  • Current service as an NFID volunteer, including NFID spokesperson, Continuing Professional Education Committee member, or planning committee member for the Annual Conference on Vaccinology Research Planning Committee or the Clinical Vaccinology Course


  • Sign CDC annual ACIP WG membership agreement and conflict of interest forms
  • Attend all meetings
  • Complete timely review of materials as requested
  • Engage in a dispassionate, unbiased review of data
  • Comply with ACIP WG confidentiality requirements
  • Communicate NFID perspectives and concerns
  • Identify opportunities for NFID involvement (e.g., collaborating with partner organizations to educate and raise awareness)
  • Cover all travel expenses to meetings if required
  • Complete NFID report form and share in a timely manner, at least annually, in compliance with ACIP WG confidentiality requirements (Section V.4, pages 9-10)

Note: Liaisons may be removed as NFID representatives to ACIP Work Groups if they fail to meet the requirements set forth.

Nomination Process

  • NFID staff will share available opportunities with the NFID Board of Directors as well as other qualified candidates
  • Potential nominees will be asked to submit a letter of interest to NFID
  • NFID President or designee will make final decision based on recommendations and nominations received, as appropriate
  • NFID staff will submit nomination(s) to CDC


Approved June 2024