This policy outlines the guidelines and principles for the use of artificial intelligence technology (AI). The goal is to ensure that AI is used legally, ethically, responsibly, and in a manner that aligns with NFID values and standards and enhances communication efforts.


This policy applies to all individuals utilizing AI technology in NFID-related activities.


  • Purposeful Use: AI should only be used to enhance the quality, efficiency, or impact of content.
  • Transparency: Individuals are required to disclose the use of AI in all NFID-related activities.
  • Accuracy and Verification: Individuals are responsible for reviewing and verifying the accuracy of AI-generated content and ensuring that it aligns with NFID standards. Content must be factually accurate and based on reliable sources of information.
  • Ethical Use: AI should not be used to deceive, manipulate, or mislead an audience. Individuals must ensure that content generated by AI meets NFID standards.
  • Data Privacy: Any personal data collected or processed by AI must comply with relevant data protection laws and the NFID Privacy Policy.
  • Ownership and Attribution: Individuals must respect intellectual property rights and give proper attribution for any AI-generated content.
  • Human Oversight: While AI can assist in generating content, human oversight is essential to ensure that content is engaging, relevant, tailored to audience needs, and aligned with NFID objectives.

Individuals developing or presenting content for all NFID-related activities are expected to comply with this policy and any additional guidelines provided by NFID regarding the use of AI in presentations. This policy will be reviewed periodically and may be modified and/or updated as necessary, at the sole discretion of NFID, to reflect changes in technology, regulations, or organizational requirements.

Prohibited uses of AI include but are not limited to employment-related decisions; automated screening of employees, presenters, awardees, or volunteer leaders; or confidential data/trade secrets or data including personal data.

Additional information on the appropriate use of AI, including ethical considerations and best practices, will be available upon request.


March 2024