From time to time, NFID receives requests to sign on to letters to Congressional Committees and/or Federal agencies (e.g., CMS, HHS, FDA, etc.) in support of pending legislation and/or regulatory changes related to infectious diseases. Staff will conduct a preliminary screening to ensure that proposed letters align with the NFID policy, mission, and do not conflict with letters previously approved for NFID sign-on.


As a 501(c)(3) organization, NFID does not participate directly in advocacy, but has regularly signed-on to letters initiated by other related organizations/coalitions, based on the following requirements:

  • The sponsoring organization must be an NFID supporting/collaborating partner organization or NFID must be a member of the sponsoring coalition
  • The letter aligns with the NFID vision, mission, core values, and strategic plan/priorities and the outcomes will benefit infectious disease prevention and/or efforts to improve antimicrobial stewardship
  • The information provided in the letter is evidence-based, accurate, referenced as appropriate, and/or consistent with generally accepted infectious disease practices
  • The proposed letter is reviewed and approved by at least three (3) members of the NFID Executive Committee within the specified timeframe for approval

NFID will not initiate letters on its own nor will the organization support letters developed by industry partners.

Approved June 2016