February 27, 2014

Richard L. Guerrant, MD

Each recipient of the NFID Maxwell Finland Award for Scientific Achievement has a story to tell–from their early beginnings, to career advancement and accomplishments, to colleagues and mentors to thank. One story that they all tell is what winning the prestigious award means to them.

For the 2014 Maxwell Finland Awardee, Richard L. Guerrant MD, “This is a huge personal and professional honor! Dr. Finland was my first attending physician when I started my internship on the Harvard Medical Service of the Boston City Hospital. I will forever remember his sage wisdom. I owe much of my wonderful career linking science to human need to the extraordinary model that Dr. Finland lived and exemplified.”

Dr. Guerrant is being honored in recognition of his hallmark contributions to better understanding of the causes, long-term effects, and treatment of persistent or chronic diarrhea.

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