April 19, 2022

ACVR 2022 Speakers

Last week, researchers, scientists, and public health professionals from around the world participated in the online 2022 Annual Conference on Vaccinology Research, hosted by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID).

Among the thought-provoking presentations, Melanie Saville, MD, MSc, executive director of vaccine research and development at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), discussed lessons learned from COVID-19 and outlined CEPI goals to reduce vaccine development time to help decrease the humanitarian and economic burden of future pandemics. Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH, former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and current president and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies, discussed strategies to overcome the global threat of vaccine hesitancy. Wellcome Trust Director Jeremy Farrar, FRS, recipient of the NFID 2019 Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Humanitarian Award, delivered the closing keynote on Looking Ahead: The “New Normal” for Vaccinology.

ACVR 2022 Women Leaders panelThe ever-popular Women Leaders in Vaccinology panel discussion, moderated by NFID Director Kathleen M. Neuzil, MD, MPH, of the Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, featured influential women scientists who shared their experiences and discussed the rewards of a career in vaccinology research including the ability to help save lives, millions at a time. Panelists included NFID Director Cristina Cassetti, PhD, deputy director, division of microbiology and infectious diseases at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health; Helen Y. Chu, MD, MPH, associate professor, department of medicine, allergy & infectious diseases at the University of Washington; Kathrin U. Jansen, PhD, senior vice president and head of vaccine research and development at Pfizer Inc.; and Katherine L. O’Brien, MD, MPH, director of the department of immunization, vaccines, and biologicals at the World Health Organization.

Top 7 Career Tips from Inspiring Women Leaders in Vaccinology:

  • Find Your Tribe: Support and be supported by those around you
  • Delegate at Home and at Work: Do not spend time doing things that can be done by someone else
  • Perfection is the Enemy of the Good: Do not be afraid to share imperfect data to help advance the science
  • Carve Out Time for Professional Development: Never turn down the opportunity to build leadership/management skills
  • Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Mentorship
  • Build and Maintain Meaningful Relationships Based on Trust
  • Be Curious and Listen Well

News Coverage:

Top news coverage included the following:

CEPI’s Moon Shot: Developing Pandemic Vaccines in 100 Days: The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, or CEPI, launched a multi-billion dollar plan to accelerate the development and production of vaccines during the next pandemic, with a goal of making them available in just 100 days. If the “100 Days Mission” is successful, it would far outpace the development and authorization of the world’s numerous COVID-19 vaccines, which took place in record time … Melanie Saville, MD, MScCEPI’s executive director of vaccine research and development, delivered remarks on the project during the Mary Lou Clements-Mann Memorial Lecture in Vaccine Sciences at the NFID Annual Conference on Vaccine Research. Source: Healio/Infectious Disease News

William Schaffner, MD, on COVID-19 Infections Estimated at 140 Million in the United States: In this podcast, NFID Medical Director William Schaffner, MD, discusses new data from CDC that suggest COVID-19 infections are close to 140 million. He also discusses the focus for the NFID 2022 Annual Conference on Vaccinology Research. Source: Consultant 360

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