Weather Flu Hero

#FightFlu Memes

Share these memes on the importance of annual flu vaccination

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Flu Preparedness Survey

National Flu Preparedness 2014 Survey Results

Survey draws attention to proven actions that can help prevent & treat flu

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NY Houston Soccer

NFID & Major League Soccer #FightFlu

Learn more about the partnership
to raise awareness about influenza

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Gift of Health

Give the Gift of Health

Use these visuals to share messaging throughout the holiday season

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Freddie the Flu Detective

NFID public service announcement (:30 animated video) providing information on how to detect, prevent, and treat the flu

Vaccines for the Entire Family

Watch NFID's newest video highlighting the importance of immunization for the entire family

Dr. Frieden Vaccinated

Leading By Example

NFID calls upon business and community leaders to make a commitment to influenza prevention

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