Leading by Example: NFID Commitment to Influenza

Through its initiative, Leading by Example, NFID calls on leaders in healthcare, business, education, and politics to "lead by example" by making a commitment to influenza prevention. Organizations can join the growing list of supporters and participate in one or all of the following activities:

  • Support and promote the NFID Commitment to Influenza Prevention
  • Provide a photo of leadership receiving their flu vaccine or another visual that demonstrates the organization’s commitment to flu vaccination to be shared on NFID’s website (using #FightFlu paddles)
  • Encourage followers to get vaccinated by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and/or other channels (view sample tweets)

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which includes photos of healthcare, business, education, and political leaders getting vaccinated.


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NFID recognizes the following organizations for their commitment to "lead by example" by joining the initiative:


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