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Washington Nationals

Help Strike Out Flu This Season!

As part of an annual campaign to increase awareness about the importance of influenza (flu) prevention, NFID kicked off its 2019-2020 flu season awareness activities at the 8th Annual Flu Awareness Night at Nationals Park

Hitting Flu Out of the Ballpark!

As part of an annual campaign to increase flu awareness and prevention, NFID kicked off its 2017-2018 flu season awareness activities with the 6th Annual Flu Awareness Night at Nationals Park in Washington, DC. Thanks to the Washington Nationals and the more than 37,500 fans who supported our efforts to #FightFlu!

Flu Bugs Take on Major League Soccer

It’s not easy being a Flu Bug! We remember the days when people feared us each and every year and we could easily spread from person to person and country to country in a matter of weeks. Now, life is much harder for us flu bugs…all thanks to vaccines!

Kicking Off Flu Awareness

This week, NFID kicked off its 2015-2016 flu season awareness activities with an exciting expanded partnership with the Major League Soccer men’s team, D.C. United. Team players, coaches, medical staff, and Talon (the team mascot) were invited to ‘Lead By Example’ and get their flu vaccine during a team clinic event.

Strike Out the Flu this Season!

How will you celebrate Independence Day? For some, it’s about wearing red, white, and blue and heading to a local fireworks show. For others, it’s a time to focus on the importance of freedom from vaccine-preventable diseases. And with disease outbreaks currently at an all-time high, reminding others of the importance of vaccination is more important than ever. Just like wearing sunscreen and handling…

A Night at the Ballpark Raising Flu Awareness

NFID kicked off its 2013-2014 influenza (flu) season awareness activities with the 2nd Annual Flu Awareness Night at Nationals Park in Washington, DC on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 to a crowd of 36,000 fans. Originally planned for Monday 9/16, the event was rescheduled due to the tragic events at the Navy Yard. As part of NFID’s campaign to increase flu awareness and encourage all individuals 6 months and…