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Maurice Hilleman

Diseases On The Big Screen: Films For Holiday Viewing

Looking for some entertaining activities with friends and family this holiday season? NFID has compiled an Amazon List of movies with an infectious disease twist to add to your viewing line-up. Check out the movies below to share your infectious disease knowledge pointing out impossible scenarios versus plausible storylines!

Celebrating 50 Years of the Mumps Vaccine

 This iconic photo in the history of vaccines is of Robert Weibel, MD, vaccinating Kirsten Hilleman with the mumps vaccine – which was developed by her father, Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman. Fifty years ago this spring, Dr. Hilleman started down the path of creating the vaccine using mumps virus that he isolated from his daughter, Jeryl Lynn (the older girl to the left in…

Recognizing Promising Scientists in the Early Stages of Their Careers

Since 2007, the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases has awarded the Maurice R. Hilleman Early-Stage Career Investigator Award to a “promising scientist in the early stages of their careers in any field of vaccinology, from basic research, through pre-clinical and clinical studies, manufacturing, and production, to related research in public health, agriculture, health delivery, policy, and regulatory matters.” The award provides…