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Dr. Paul Offit

Are Vaccines Safe?

Probably the most dangerous aspect of getting a vaccine is driving to the doctor’s office to get it. Every year, about 30,000 people die in car accidents and even walking outside on a rainy day isn’t entirely safe—every year in the US, about 100 people are killed when struck by lightning. While routine daily activities pose a certain degree of risk, we choose to do them because we consider that the benefits outweigh the risks.

Can A Flu Vaccine Give You The Flu?

Have you ever talked with someone who told you they don’t get the influenza vaccine because it gave them the flu? Is this a reason that you personally don’t get the influenza vaccine for yourself or family members?

Winning the Fight against Infectious Diseases

During the 2013 NFID Awards Gala, we heard from the 2013 Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Humanitarian Award  winner, Dr. Adetukunbo O. Lucas, that we are winning the fight against infectious diseases! Both Dr. Lucas and Dr. Paul A. Offit, winner of the 2013 Maxwell Finland Award for Scientific Achievement, reminded us that the fight to eradicate vaccine-preventable diseases is not…