The Lee Family Story (Measles)

I made the decision not to vaccinate my sons against measles for several reasons. I know now what a serious mistake that was.

My sons were exposed to measles by someone at our church’s youth group. After I heard the news, I stayed up that entire night doing research. I learned the measles virus spreads very easily and that my sons had at least a 90 percent chance of getting sick because they were not immunized.

First thing the next morning I contacted our doctor, the local health department and my sons’ school to tell them what happened. They recommended that all three of my sons be quarantined for 18 days. The quarantine was difficult, but they were doing OK until the last two days. On day 17 my oldest son, who had the least of all of the symptoms until then, broke out in the telltale measles rash.

The following week was very difficult for him. The painful itch that the rash caused overwhelmed him. His nights were spent on his back in bed with no shirt on and the windows open. He couldn’t sleep and one day he came into my room with his eyes all glossed over, and he started to cry because he didn’t know what day it was. It got worse the next day when he cried about his constant stomach ache.

Within minutes he was vomiting. To see my son suffering like this was very difficult for me and I felt guilty that he went through this because of my decision years ago to skip the vaccine.

I try to see the positives. This horrible experience—with all the pain, sleepless nights and boredom—gave us special times to become closer in those three weeks. I praise God that my sons have no ill feelings for me and have either told me directly or shown me that they hold no grudge against me.

Because of my family’s first-hand experience, I truly feel that the benefits far outweigh any doubts when it comes to vaccinating our children.

The Lee Family Story