Calls to Action

The Dangers of Influenza & Benefits of Vaccination in Adults with Chronic Health Conditions (September 2018)
Call to Action on protecting US adults with chronic health conditions against influenza

Preventing Hepatitis B through Increased Vaccination Rates among At-Risk Groups (October 2018)
Call to Action on the burden of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in US adults and key strategies to promote vaccination as a highly effective tool in preventing HBV infection

Improving Healthcare Personnel Immunization Rates (March 2018)
Call to Action on optimizing practices that will lead to improved immunization rates among healthcare personnel

Reinvigorating Influenza Prevention in US Adults Age 65 Years and Older (September 2016)
Call to Action on protecting US adults age 65 years and older against influenza

Addressing New and Ongoing Adolescent Vaccination Challenges (March 2016)
Call to Action on barriers and strategies to increasing adolescent vaccination rates

Preventing Pneumococcal Disease in US Adults with Chronic Conditions (July 2015)
Call to Action with an overview of pneumococcal vaccination recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) for administering PCV13 and PPSV23 in people age 65 years and older and in adults age 19 to 64 years with risk factors such as diabetes, and heart, liver and kidney disease, among others

Flu Care in Day Care: The Impact of Vaccination Requirements (January 2015)

Report on lessons learned and strategies in program implementation

HPV Vaccination as a Public Health Priority (August 2014)
Call to Action by leading public health organizations urging healthcare professionals to be stronger advocates for HPV vaccination to prevent related cancers

Improving Vaccination Rates in Pregnant Women: Timely Intervention – Lasting Benefits (March 2014)
Call to Action on educating pregnant women about the benefit of vaccines and improving vaccination rates

Addressing the Challenges of Serogroup B Meningococcal Disease Outbreaks on Campuses (May 2014)

NFID report examining strategies for appropriate and streamlined public health responses to future outbreaks

Adult Vaccination Saves Lives (March 2012)
Call to Action supporting the need to improve US immunization rates in adults to reduce the impact of vaccine-preventable diseases

Adolescent Vaccination: Protecting Adolescents Now & Into the Future (2011)
Call to Action on practical strategies for improving adolescent vaccination rates

Meningococcal Vaccination: Improving Rates in Adolescents (July 2010)

Call to Action discusses disparities, identifies barriers, and outlines strategies to increase meningococcal vaccination rates among all adolescents (July 2010)