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Sample Social Media Posts

Facebook Posts:

  • #DYK: 1 in 10 people who contract meningitis die and 2 in 10 survive with long-term complications? There are two types of vaccines that may help #PreventMeningitis. Learn more at 
  • Are you between 16-23 years old? If so, you’re at higher at risk for meningococcal disease. Talk to a healthcare professional about the two types of #vaccines that may help #PreventMeningitis! Visit to learn more
  • Share this PSA with any adolescents/young adults you know to help spread awareness about #meningococcal disease prevention! 
  • Meningococcal disease can be deadly. There are two types of #vaccines that can help prevent it. Share this PSA to help spread awareness!

Twitter Posts:

  • HCPs influence patient decisions about #vaccination. Help #PreventMeningitis with #NFID tools & resources: 
  • Serogroup B #meningococcal disease has caused outbreaks on US college campuses. Learn more: 
  • Heather survived #meningitis: “It could happen to anyone; make sure you are vaccinated-you won’t regret it” 
  • RT if you’ve gotten #vaccinated against #meningitis! Learn more: #GetVaccinated #PreventMeningitis
  • You may regret some things in life, but you won’t regret getting vaccinated against #meningococcal disease! 
  • Early symptoms of #meningitis can be mistaken for #flu and can be deadly! #GetVaccinated #PreventMeningitis
  • #DYK: Up to 2 in 10 who get #meningococcal disease suffer permanent complications? 
  • Meningococcal disease can quickly cause death within 1-2 days. Learn about #vaccines available to help prevent it: 
  • Are you between 16-23 years old? Ask your HCP about #vaccines available to help #PreventMeningitis!