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Pneumococcal Disease and Healthcare Professionals

HCP Diverse GroupTo help raise awareness about the burden of pneumococcal disease and the importance of prevention through vaccination, NFID has developed resources to educate healthcare professionals and their patients about the importance of pneumococcal prevention.

Pneumococcal disease is associated with substantial illness and death. It is estimated that about one million US adults get pneumococcal pneumonia each year, as many as 400,000 hospitalizations from pneumococcal pneumonia occur annually in the US, and about 5-7% of those who are hospitalized from it will die. The death rate is even higher in those age 65 years and older.

Invasive pneumococcal disease, which includes meningitis and sepsis, is less common (tens of thousands of cases annually) but death rates are higher and can be 20-25% or more in those over the age of 65 years. Despite vaccination recommendations to help protect at-risk adults, vaccination rates remain low.


Reviewed December 2019

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Additional Resources

Pneumococcal Infographic

What do they all have in common? Adults living with certain chronic health conditions are all at increased risk for a serious infection called pneumococcal disease