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Leading by Example Sample Social Media Posts

  • [INSERT NAME] is leading by example & encouraging others to protect themselves & those around them! #GetVaccinated to help #FightFlu [INSERT PHOTO]
  • [INSERT ORGANIZATION] joins @NFIDvaccines to help spread the word: Every year, #GetVaccinated to help #FightFlu!
  • [INSERT ORGANIZATION] encourages everyone age 6 months & older to #GetVaccinated annually to help #FightFlu!
  • Kicking-off #flu season with @NFIDvaccines. Don’t hesitate…#vaccinate and help #FightFlu
  • [INSERT ORGANIZATION AND REPRESENTATIVE NAME] is in Washington #DC kicking off flu season with @NFIDvaccines. What you need to know this year (and every year): Everyone age 6 months and older should #GetVaccinated to #FightFlu!

Additional Resources

Influenza (Flu) Treatment

Certain antiviral drugs can help reduce symptoms of influenza (flu), shorten the duration of illness, and prevent complications