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Help Strike Out Flu This Season!

As part of an annual campaign to increase awareness about the importance of influenza (flu) prevention, NFID kicked off its 2019-2020 flu season awareness activities at the 8th Annual Flu Awareness Night at Nationals Park

Measles Awareness Toolkit

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and accompanying infographic designed to help spread awareness about the importance of preventing measles

Keep Flu Out of School Toolkit

Tools & resources designed to help school nurses, teachers, and healthcare professionals protect elementary school students (K-5) from flu

Influenza (Flu) Toolkits

Tools & resources designed to help healthcare professionals protect patients from flu. Toolkits target populations including adults with chronic health conditions, adults age 65+, college students, and students in school (Kindergarten through Grade 5).

Chickenpox and Children

Chickenpox is highly contagious and can be serious, especially in babies, pregnant women, and people with a weakened immune system