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NFID selects all faculty based on expertise and presentation experience. Programs reflect directly upon NFID and its reputation for presenting quality continuing education to a wide range of healthcare professionals. Therefore, NFID requests that all speakers follow these guidelines when preparing presentations.


Each speaker is required to disclose any relevant financial relationships at least six weeks prior to the scheduled presentation date. Speakers refusing to disclose relevant financial relationships will be disqualified from any involvement in the activity. Disclosures are published in the activity materials and are also presented in a PowerPoint slide prior to each presentation. NFID is committed to resolving all conflicts of interest prior to the educational activity being delivered to participants. In advance of the activity, conflicts of interest may be resolved by either altering control over content or independent peer review and validation of content to verify scientific basis and integrity. Actions that resolve conflicts of interest include: revised faculty assignment; non-conflicted external review of content; peer review of content by planning committee; and best available evidence used in presentation.

The content of all Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities must promote quality or improvements in healthcare, and not a specific proprietary business interest of a commercial interest. NFID asks all speakers to refrain from focusing on one specific commercial product or service in their presentations. To avoid commercial bias, any recommendations made during presentations must be based on evidence currently accepted within the profession of medicine as acceptable justification for indications and contraindications for the care of patients.

Scientific research referenced, utilized, and/or included in presentations must conform to generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, and analysis. Speakers discussing any product use that is off-label are encouraged to disclose that the use or indication in question is not currently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.


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Learning Objectives

National Faculty Education Initiative (NFEI)

The National Faculty Education Initiative (NFEI) provides online training on the differences between Certified CME and Promotional Activities. The free online course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and upon completion participants will be added to a national database of medical education faculty. Participation in this course is highly recommended for all NFID faculty; however, it is not required.

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