NFID Awards Dinner: March 27, 2012

NFID presented the Maxwell Finland Award for Scientific Achievement to Dr. George L. Drusano for his distinguished scientific career in the areas of anti-infective pharmacology, antimicrobial resistance, and infectious disease chemotherapy. The Maxwell Finland Award is given to a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to the understanding of infectious diseases or public health. Dr. Helene D. Gayle was honored with the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Humanitarian Award for her dedication to global public health and social service. This award recognizes outstanding humanitarian efforts and achievements that have improved the health of humankind.

NFID also honored its Medical Director, Susan J. Rehm, MD with the John P. Utz Leadership Award. The John P. Utz Leadership Award is presented to individuals who have worked tirelessly in a leadership capacity, on behalf of NFID. Dr. Utz was one of the founders of NFID, and a champion in the fight against infectious diseases. Dr. Rehm has worked tirelessly on NFID’s initiatives since 1988. She was a member of the NFID Board of Directors from 1988–2004 and was president from 2001–2004. Since 2004 Dr. Rehm has been the “face” of NFID while serving as Medical Director, often appearing as a spokesperson for the organization on various infectious disease topics.

2012 NFID Awards Dinner Photos (password is NFID8406)