Public Service Announcements


Adult Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Radio Public Service Announcements (2012)

NFID series of public service announcements focused on general adult immunization, flu, hepatitis B, HPV, pneumococcal disease, shingles, and whooping cough. Select announcements also available in Spanish.

Are You That Guy?

Public service announcement (:30 animated video) developed to create awareness about influenza prevention

Freddie the Flu Detective

Animated public service announcement (:31 animated video) featuring "Freddie the Flu Detective" aimed at educating individuals on how to detect, prevent, and treat the flu

Late Season Influenza Public Service Announcement

NFID Flu Awareness & Treatment Survey (2013)

60-second soundbite featuring NFID Medical Director, Susan J. Rehm, MD, highlighting key takeaways from the National NFID Flu Awareness & Treatment Survey

Winter 2009 Public Service Announcements