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National Influenza Vaccination Week: December 8-14, 2013 (12/19/13)

GOJO Hand Hygiene Blog: Influenza, more commonly referred to as the flu, is a serious and contagious respiratory illness that affects 5-20% of the US population and hospitalizes over 200,000 people every year. The flu season typically runs from October–March, peaking in January and February. However, last year was a perfect example of just how unpredictable flu can be...

What You Need to Know About the 2012-13 Flu Season: This Little Piggy by Dr. Stephen Ferrara (8/17/12)

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The Laboratory Diagnosis of Pertussis in the United States by Dr. James D. Cherry (4/19/12)

Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases (PKIDs)

AADE Blog Post by Dr. William Schaffner, NFID President (3/20/12)

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